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SPi Performance Coatings product case studies

Blast mitigation protection

The US Marines were looking for extra protection from IEDs (improvised explosive device) on their Humvees. They chose SPI’s Dragonshield-HT® ERC polyurea coating for its exceptional blast mitigation properties. When applied thick enough to high hard steel, a Dragonshield-HT® ERC protective lining will help deflect blast fragments, which are the cause of most injuries, deaths and damage in an explosion.

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Shrimp Farm

GanixTM Bio-Technologies wanted to update their facility with an efficient, more ‘Green’ indoor shrimp aquaculture system. They needed a durable, low-maintenance protective lining that offered colour stability.

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Evaporation Pit Liner

A set of new evaporation containment pits were constructed to serve a nearby set of oil fields. The pits serve as containers for oil field brim, and facilitate the cleanup and disposal of oily water produced by the drilling process. This large-scale project necessitated a high performance coating solution that could remain effective, while also allowing for the detection of leaks. SPI was chosen for their expertise in customizing performance coatings to suit complex projects.

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Coating for House Boat Roof

Customer was building a custom house-boat, at Solent Refit in Hythe, from the hull of an old tanker. This fantastic design and build had 86m2 of flat roof which required waterproofing. There was also a 26m2 section which was to be used as a sun deck surrounded by a balustrade.

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Iron Ore Hopper, Sweden

One of the world’s largest underground mines wanted to extend the life of a process hopper, that had been highlighted as suffering from corrosion to the lower steel cone during an inspection. The hopper is responsible for storing and dispensing thousands of tonnes of processed iron ore granules every week, a task crucial to the mine.

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