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A penguin pool fit for amazing animals

For years now, the festive period has gone hand-in-hand with our nation’s love for animals. Whether they’re jumping on trampolines (yes, we’re talking about that advert) or bringing to life the latest feel-good winter blockbuster – have you ever wondered where these animals are trained? The answer is Amazing Animals, in Chipping Norton and we’ve…

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I spy CUI

Wrapping thermal insulation around pipes and other temperature sensitive assets is common practice in many industries and yes, maintaining the right temperature across vital processing or storage vessels and equipment can save money on energy bills. But what about the hidden threat beneath that all-important insulation? Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the biggest…

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Partnership focus: Adler & Allan and the rise of the Adalline® product series

We are proud to hold a number of long-standing and successful partnerships with industry specialists and contractors across Europe. One such specialist is the Adler & Allan Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of oil and environmental services. Renowned for its operational capability and consultancy expertise, A&A offers emergency response, mechanical, electrical, civil engineering…

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EasyCove and Aspaflex technologies – a rapid-set match made in heaven

If you service time-sensitive industries, then you’ll be no stranger to the concept of rapid-set resin floors. Airports, train stations, chilled or frozen food environments and public toilets are all great examples of environments likely to require a flooring solution which is durable, resistant to corrosion, hygienic and fast to install. If this sounds like…

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Permanent corrosion protection for carbon steel: it’s real and it’s available now

Imagine if there was a performance coating capable of protecting your carbon steel assets from corrosion for the duration of its life, in just one application. EonCoat offers a radically different approach to carbon steel asset corrosion protection and forms the latest in our portfolio of high-performance industrial protective coatings. That’s right, this technology is…

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What’s the secret behind our revolutionary technologies? Come and see for yourself!

SPI Technology Day, Thursday 14th July 2016 As industry leaders within the field of polythene foam and polyurea technologies, we’re consistently developing new techniques and innovative treatments in order to improve our solutions set and methodology. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to ensure that our products continue to provide our customers with the very…

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Specialist Product Insight: Adalline 600 Polythiourea Coating

Last month we focused on Adalline 400, a coating product that provides quick-drying robust protection against hydrocarbon spills. In this post, we thought we’d turn our attention to another of the Adalline coating products, Adalline 600. Adalline 600 is a chemical resistant spray applied polythiourea elastomer that represents a new generation of high performance polyurea…

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An expert’s guide to concrete protection products

Finding the right protective coating for concrete can be challenging, particularly when there are so many different factors, ranging from the surrounding environment, to the age and condition of the concrete to consider. According to current purchasing trends there are four products that are most commonly used for concrete protection.

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Specialist Product Insight: Adalline 400 Multi Bund Lining System

Our latest Specialist Product Insight focuses on Adalline 400, a coating that provides quick-drying robust protection against hydrocarbon spills. Adalline 400 is specially designed to be hydrocarbon resistant, releasing no hydrocarbons, even when hammered. The class-leading tank and bund polyurea coating is capable of giving any material structural integrity and providing a waterproof, chemical barrier…

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Asbestos? Removal might not be the best option

Asbestos was made illegal in 1999, but due to the popularity and availability of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) in their hey-day, it’s highly probable that any building built before the year 2000 will contain some form of asbestos. Asbestos has been linked to diseases, including lung cancer, asbestosis and diffuse pleural thickening, which is why…

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There’s nothing boring about flooring

The seemingly endless benefits of polyurea and polyaspartic flooring treatments When it comes to commercial and industrial flooring, finding a solution which is fit for purpose may prove harder than expected. The diverse and demanding nature of these environments means there is often a long list of demands bestowed upon a specifier when it comes…

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A new addition to the SPI team

We’re proud of our team. Combining technical know-how with contracting expertise, it’s one of the many things that makes SPI Performance Coatings stand out from the competition. And now we have another great addition to shout about. After a period of consistent growth, we are pleased to welcome Keith Davidson to SPI. Keith joins us…

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Specialist Product Insight: Full Metal Jacket Ultra

Our next Specialist Product Insight (SPI) focuses on Full Metal Jacket Ultra™ (FMJ Ultra™), a quick-drying, cost effective coating for truck beds and trailers, which can provide protection no matter what load you are carrying. Find out all you need to know here. If you need the toughest protection possible, you need Full Metal Jacket…

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Corrosion never sleeps – a tough topic to digest

The waste water treatment industry has to deal with lots of different corrosive hazards, but few are as severe, and as undetected as sulphuric acid corrosion. Only recently are we discovering the full extent of the problem and we must confess, we find it quite fascinating. So grab a cuppa and let us tell you…

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Specialist Product Insight: EonCoat

This blog is not just a place to learn more about the coatings market and some of the great work we have been doing across many industries. It’s also a chance to find out more about our market-leading products. In this, the first of our Specialist Product Insight (SPI) series of blogs, we focus on…

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Protective coatings for concrete – is the answer set in stone?

Performance coatings may be a popular method of prolonging the life of concrete, but specifying the right product to protect a concrete structure isn’t always as simple as it sounds. And that’s where an expert like SPI Performance Coatings can help. There are lots of factors to consider, including the age and condition of the…

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Growth forecast: Polyurea asset protection to almost double by 2020

Specification of polyurea performance coatings is forecast to almost double across the construction and industrial sectors within the next five years. And if that’s not enough good news, the industry as a whole is set to grow by 79% too! Why? Well, experts have suggested that the growth will be driven by awareness, spending confidence…

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